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Frequently Asked Questions

Beth Farley is our designated project manager for ctcLink, and Eva Smith is our project sponsor. Chris Hudyma is a point person for college employees, especially in regards to training. There are many others involved in project leadership; learn more on the ctcLink Project page.

ctcLink is a version of PeopleSoft that is specific to the Washington Community and Technical colleges. It will replace Edmond's "Legacy" system, commonly referred to as CEI+ or SMS (student and course information), FMS (financial management information), and PPMS (employee information).

Just like our current Legacy system, ctcLink separates the college's data into three main areas, which PeopleSoft calls 'pillars.'

  • Campus Solutions (CS) contains student and course/program information. It replaces SMS.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) contains employee information. It replaces PPMS.
  • Finance (FIN) contains financial management information. It replaces FMS.


Each employee is responsible to register and complete the training that is required to do their job. See ctcLink Project Training for a catalog of training organized by pillar. Check with your supervisor if you need additional direction. All canvas training required for your job should be completed by December 31, 2020. 


Employees will start logging into ctcLink on or right after February 8. An “orderly” process for getting into the system and getting oriented is in development (i.e., certain employees will get in on Day 1, others on Day 2, etc.).

The ctcLink login screen can easily be located by searching for "ctcLink login" from Google Chrome. Here is the specific link:  


Yes, if you previously had an 9-digit SID number, your ctcLink ID number replaces your old SID.

You can find the lookup tool here: SID Lookup

*Note: this is only applicable to employees who have been employed since September 16, 2020. Employees who were hired between September 17 and December 16 should have ctcLink ID's by January 15. Employees that begin between December 17 and January 18 will be able to access their EMPLID at Go Live on February 8.

If you have already received a ctcLink ID number from another college, you do not need to activate your account or receive a new number. The ctcLink ID number you already have is what you will use at Edmonds College.

The "tiles" you will see in your ctcLink access correspond to your roles at Edmonds College. Important note: the contact information you enter through the "Personal Details" tile in Employee Self Service will override the contact information you enter through the "Profile" tile in Student Self Service.

Although we will capture all the data from our Legacy systems before we go live, the systems will no longer be available for processing transactions as soon as we "flip the switch" for ctcLink. The exception is Financial Aid, which will run both Legacy and ctcLink through the end of the 2019-20 academic year. Certain subject-matter-experts (such as in enrollment services) will have ongoing View only access to information in SMS.

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"Our nursing students are the most resilient people I have ever met. I am inspired daily by their work ethic and commitment to education and their families. One of the most rewarding things about teaching in this program was realizing how many lives we impact. At the graduation pinning ceremony, I look out and see a room filled with our graduates and over 200 family members. Each of them has been touched by the education their loved one has earned." — Kyra McCoy, director of nursing and 2020 Excellence in Education award recipient

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