Care Team

Classroom Management

If a student is exhibiting behavior that is disruptive to the teaching and learning environment or administrative functions, set a boundary for the student, and ask them to stop. Check in with them, conveying that if they need to leave for a couple of moments and return to the class or office, once they've gotten themselves centered. Briefly document what occurred and the remedies used to address the behavior.

If a student violates boundaries in class or in an office and the disruptive behavior persists, dismiss them for the day. Invite them back to the class or office, and tell them that behaviors need to be discussed and debriefed before returning so that you can establish the expectation and boundary, and at the same time, allow for the student to articulate what they need when they are feeling triggered. Document the incident and report when needed. If a student violates boundaries and the disruptive behavior persists to where safety may be compromised to you and students in the classroom, dismiss your entire class for the day, and dial 9-1-1 or Campus Security.