Care Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens Once I Submit an Incident Report?

  • You should receive an email that the care team has received the report.
  • If immediate action is needed, a member of the Care Team may work with the staff or faculty to implement an interim action.
  • If no immediate action is needed, the Care Team will discuss and determine which member of the Care
  • Team is best suited to address the situation and provide support and resources for the parties involved.
  • The student will be referred to the student conduct officer if the incident involved a student conduct violation.

What are Examples of Interventions the Care Team Provides?

Each situation is unique and will be treated with a response that is appropriate given the specific circumstances of each situation. There are many different resources and interventions that the Care Team provides depending on the situation some examples are:

  • A distressed student may receive a call from the Counseling and Resource Center
  • A meeting may be scheduled with the student, staff, faculty, or appropriate dean
  • A referral to Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Assessment to evaluate a threat to self or others
  • Referral to Student Conduct Officer if conduct code has been violated
  • Summary Suspension in the case of an immediate threat to the safety of the campus (Note: summary suspension may only be imposed by the Student Conduct Officer.)

Please Note: In cases that students are referred to mental health services, disability services, or student conduct the Care Team may not be able to share additional information due to HIPPA and FERPA constraints. It is important in these cases to continue to report any ongoing concerning behavior.