Custodial: Scheduling a Move


Complete Work Order request with following information:

  • The building and room moving from
  • The building and room moving to
  • Date of move (packed and ready)
  • Size of move
  • How many rooms, work stations, etc.
  • Unusual move or special tools or equipment.

Custodial Manager will contact you on status and time frame of move.

Helpful Information:

  • Computer and Phone Equipment - Packed and ready for transport.
    Need assistance with packing, disconnection and reconnection, please contact the helpdesk@edmonds.edu or 425.640.1234.
  • Copy machine - Contact Print and Mail Center for move.
  • Measure your furniture and future location to verify adequate space.
  • Post diagram of furniture arrangement desired in your new room.  Make sure diagram and furnishing labels match.  Diagram template here.
  • Empty desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, etc. - Everything must be labeled.
  • We recommend you use uniform size and shape boxes. Ream of paper boxes is perfect for packing!
  • We have limited supply of boxes for loan.  You will be charged for boxes not returned or replaced.
  • We cannot move personal items. Please plan to move your personal items yourself, e.g., plants, pictures, books.
  • Custodial services can assist with most furniture moves; however, there are limitations for in-house moves related to height, width and weight.  Requesting department will need to hire outside moving company for moves requiring lifting more than 50 lbs., stair carry, or reconfiguration of panel workstations.