Grounds: Winter Storm

Snow Procedures for Grounds Personnel

Contact Personnel

Security 425.754.0154

Facilities 425.640.1542

Grounds Department:425.640.1437

Grounds Department Procedures

  1. Upon arrival the first staff person will use the power broom on the skid steer to start clearing interior sidewalks throughout campus. 
  2. The second staff person to arrive will use the Snowplow on the truck to start clearing.
    • 196th entrance and North Campus complex
    • 200th main entrance
    • Main North/South Road across Campus
    • 204th main entrance to Woodway Hall
    • Remaining parking lots will be cleared as weather, time, and staffing allows.
  3. The third staff person to arrive will use the BobcatToolcat to clear handicap stalls and other close by parking areas.
    • Handicap parking area close to Meadowdale Hall in Lot A
    • Handicap parking area close to Snoqualmie Hall
    • Handicap Parking Snohomish Hall
    • Handicap parking Mukilteo Hall
    • Handicap parking Lynnwood Hall
    • Handicap parking Center for Families
    • Handicap parking Gateway and Monroe Halls
  4. The fourth staff person to arrive will use the walk behind power broom to clear sidewalks that the skid steer broom can’t get to. 
  5. All other staff will proceed to check building entryways, walkways and crosswalks for ice and snow. They will have shovels, grit and ice melt to assist in the areas that are most needed. 

Upper dangerous walkways and dangerous brick and stepped entrances between buildings will be closed off with signs and chains. These are closed for your protection. The wind blowing under all bridge causes these areas to ice up quickly even after they are cleared or the snow is melting. Please use lower safer walkways between buildings until all signs of ice or snow have disappeared and grounds staff removes the chains.

Interior sidewalks and building entrances are checked before 7 a.m. during our freezing and snow times.  These areas may be cleared, sanded, de-iced, have area-closed signs put up, or a combination depending upon conditions.

Since conditions are constantly changing, if you notice icy problem areas, please contact security or grounds.  

The Grounds Crew tries to get in early enough to allow time for clearing or sanding before students arrive, but our staff has the same problems getting to campus as you do, so please be patient.  Areas will be addressed as quickly as time and staffing allows.