Faculty Development


The mission of the Faculty Professional Development Committee is to advance student learning and strengthen teaching and assessment by providing professional development opportunities and support for faculty to collaborate, innovate, and adopt pedagogical practices that support student success. We are a contracted committee with representation from all divisions and leadership from both full-time and associate faculty.

Faculty Development Committee

Our Current Committee Members

The current committee members are (from top left to right): Sharon Reitman (Humanities and Social Sciences), Timothy Burdick (Health and Human Services), Nicole Galipeau (Pre-College), Meryl Geffner (Library), Alaina Nye (STEM), Chris Hudyma (ODET), Elisabeth Fredrickson (Faculty Teaching and Learning Center), Debbie Kuhlmann (Business, TRC), Yvonne Terrell-Powell (Equity and Inclusion), David Jacobson (Business), Scott Haddock (Health and Human Services), Geoff McKweon (International), Megan Toney (Health and Human Services), Ashley Pickard (Humanities and Social Sciences).

Our Professional Partnerships

We partner with the following groups to provide learning opportunities for faculty


The Organizational Development and Employee Training (ODET) Department provides innovative, responsive and accessible professional development programs that support the college mission, build community and increase employee effectiveness.

Technology Resource Center (TRC)

The TRC (Technology Resource Center) offers technology education and training for employees working with instructional technology.

Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Located in SNH 103, the Faculty TLC works in conjunction with the Faculty Professional Development Committee and the Office of Instruction to offer a small resource library, one-on-one teaching consultations, and additional services of interest to faculty. This shared space also holds the office of the Associate Dean for Instruction.

Five-Star Consortium

Established in 2010 by the Presidents of Cascadia College, Edmonds College, Everett Community College, Lake Washington Technical College, and Shoreline Community College, the Five-Star Consortium promotes coordination and instructional collaboration between colleges. Faculty Developers and HR representatives from the Five-Star Consortium host quarterly orientations for new associate faculty. The Five-Star Consortium also runs quarterly workshops on teaching and learning and hosts a teaching and learning blog.

FPD Resources

The FPD Handbook and quarterly newsletters can be found below.


FPD Handbook -- updated yearly