Our mission

Global Engagement initiatives aim to help develop "global competence" across our campus community, in order to promote unity in diversity by helping to bridge internationally-related cultural knowledge gaps.

Edmonds College’s Global Engagement (GE) Initiative launched in 2012, the same year in which the U.S. Department of Education added a global component to its definition of 21st century education. As U.S. Secretary of Education Martha Kanter described,

“In today’s hyper-connected world, no nation can launch a fully effective domestic education agenda, without also addressing global needs and trends, and nurturing a globally competent citizenry.”

The International Student Services department implemented the GE initiative in 2012 by providing $1500 grants to faculty and staff, and hosting International Culture Talks each year. The initiative now offers grants of $2500, and mini-grants of $300 for on-campus endeavors.

Our initiatives aim to fulfill the same vision found in Kanter’s statement, and develop "global competence" across our campus community.

The innovative use of these grants by faculty to make overseas exploratory trips to eventually lead study abroad programs is one innovative way by which they can facilitate global competence international cultural immersion with students.

With the goal of sustainable impact in mind, today we work to continually develop Global Engagement’s goals by encouraging all participants to share their experiences with others on campus, and with our community.