Global Engagement

Culture Talk Series

Each quarter we highlight different culture/country groups in a student panel format.

Ethiopia Culture Talk

Test your knowledge of Ethiopian history, culture, and other facts with Ethiopian Edmonds student Edlawit Girmay.

Singapore Culture Talk

Amirah Sauer shows us what multiculturalism looks like in Singapore and teaches us to navigate through different views.

Costa Rica Culture Talk

Josué Ortega talks about sustainability in Costa Rica and its development from indigenous roots through its current status as a global leader in sustainability.

Pakistan Culture Talk

Sadia Eijaz talks about cultural identity, fielding questions about where she's "from," answers questions on her choice to wear a hijab vs. not, and eplores what it means to be a student from Pakistan at Edmonds College.


Turkey Culture Talk


South Korea Culture Talk


Mauritius Culture Talk


Yemen Culture Talk


Japanese Culture Talk


Brasil Culture Talk


Vietnamese Culture Talk


Indonesian Culture Talk

On Tuesday, February 23 students gave personal stories, presented on the Indonesian education system, and showed us some fun facts about Indonesia. Students contrasted U.S. and Indonesian cultures including educational pathways; gender, religious, and sexual orientation biases, and challenges they’ve encountered as an Indonesian international student in the U.S.