Global Engagement

Past award recipients

Spring 2017 Grant Recipients

staceyStacey Schwartz, Culinary Arts

Edmonds College Culinary Instructor in France:

As a Culinary Arts Instructor here at Emonds CC it was an invaluable and amazing experience to receive a Global Engagement Grant that allowed me to attend a culinary program in France. This trip enhanced my knowledge and understanding of French cooking, immersed me in French culture and gave me experiences to share with my students. From cooking dinners in the countryside, to touring mushroom caves, salt ponds, a snail farm, a nut oil factory, a triple sec distillery, a winery and vineyard, to working a day in a French bakery and a village restaurant. It was a truly memorable and enriching experience. I hope to encourage my students to also pursue either this experience or other international experiences like this. 

tomTom Murphy, Anthropology

Keynote Address in Germany:

Dr. Thomas Murphy accepted an invitation to give a keynote address at the Sunstone Symposium hosted near Frankfurt, Germany and focused on "500 Years of the Reformation." The conference examined the impact of the Protestant Reformation on various churches of the Latter-day Saint Restoration in the United States and Europe. Dr. Murphy toured historical sites of the Protestant Reformation and the Holocaust while gathering materials and resources for enhancing the global context of instruction in his course, Anth/Divst 130 American Religious Diversity.

audiAudi Asaf, Visual Arts

Polynesian Research in Hawaii:

Edmonds College faculty member Audineh Asaf travelled to Maui, HI to gain a deeper understanding of kānaka maoli (Native Hawaiian) culture and Polynesian artistic traditions. Asaf conducted research at the Maui Arts and Culture Center, Maui Historical Society, and Hana Cultural Center where she viewed a wide range of ancient art and artifacts including hula kahiko costuming and personal adornments such as leis made of plants, shells, feathers, and fibers. She learned about the origin of leis introduced by Polynesian settlers and their significance to hula and the kānaka maoli culture. She was introduced to basic lei making techniques that will be shared with her art students and she is currently developing a unit for her art appreciation class on indigenous art of the Pacific Islands and Northwest mainland. Asaf hopes that this project will encourage cultural sensitivity of the kānaka maoli and other indigenous cultures through awareness of their artistic traditions.

emily marieEmily Fissel and Marie Tran, IESL and Business Management

‘Explore Peru!’ Faculty-Led Program:  

Emily Fissel and Marie Tran will embark on an exploration trip to Peru June 2018. The purpose of the exploration trip is to visit cultural sites, NGOs, and to make contacts for the purpose of developing a short-term study abroad program for Edmonds College.  The program will focus on cultural immersion and service learning, and will be open to all students (including international students with appropriate travel visas), faculty, staff, administration, and community members.  Emily and Marie will be leading the trip to Peru during spring break 2019. Faculty can use professional development fund towards the short term abroad program!  Stay tuned!

Spring 2016 Grant Recipients

Maureen Little, Intl High School Completion Program

Maureen travelled to El Salvador to further develop connections between Edmonds College and a high school in Nueva Trinidad. Her project focused on connecting our high school completion history class students with history students from Nueva York for the purpose of increasing cultural understanding through interaction.

Gem Baldwin, Anthropology

This past summer Gem travelled to Italy to conduct research for a future faculty-led study abroad program she would lead in the summer of 2017. Gem's travels took her to the Tuscany area, and cities such as Rome and Florence. The trip will run from August 28-Sept 16, 2017.

Fall 2015 Grant Recipients

Christina Fusch, Business Management and Anthropology

Christina Fusch will use webcam technology to bring academic scholars, grassroots organization leaders, cultural experts, and business leaders from around the world to address global issues to the campus community in the Black Box Theatre.

Fall 2014 Grant Recipients

John Sanders, Music; Robin Data, Political Science; Lela Hilton, English; Emily Fissel; Spanish and IESL

Music faculty member John Sanders was awarded a Global Engagement grant that will partially cover his living expenses in Puerto Rico during winter and spring quarters where he will study music, culture, and language.

This past summer, Edmonds College faculty members Robin Data and Lela Hilton spent two weeks in Herning, Denmark as part of an annual faculty exchange program.

Emily Fissel, Spanish instructor, was awarded a grant to develop a program to take a group of students this summer to Guatemala for a service learning and language class for two weeks. Hanifa Yahiaoui, French and Francophone cultures instructor, will also be leading a group for two weeks to France to study Francophone culture and language.