Human Resources

Forms and Processes

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Tuition Waiver Process (for Classes at Edmonds College)

  • Employee Tuition Waiver Request Form
  • NOTE: Eligible employees can take classes at other Washington State public institutions. Please contact individual institutions for information on their Tuition Waiver process.

Reporting Jury Leave

  • If you receive a summons for Jury Duty report it to your supervisor immediately.
  • If you do serve, you will receive a document from the court stating your days of service.
  • After you have received your document from the court, submit it to HR via campus mail.
  • Report time by completing the Request Absense Form in ctcLink. 
    • Absence Name CTC Civil/Jury Duty 
    • Reason: Civil/Jury Duty.

Exit Procedure (Exit Checklist)

  • Supervisors are responsible for immediate notification of separation to HR, completion of the Exit Checklist, and for ensuring the return of College equipment and supplies. Supervisors are also responsible for submitting a termination PAF to HR for part-time hourly and student employees.
  • Human Resources is responsible for initiating and following through with the exit process for full-time employees.
  • Employees are responsible for returning all College equipment and supplies to their supervisor. Employees may also take an exit survey.