Human Resources

OFFICE OF THE Vice President of Human Resources and Operations

The office of the Vice President handles:


Casey King
Senior Director of Human Resources

Title IX Coordinator

425.640.1246 or 425.218.8326


Joan Wyant
Associate Director of Human Resources

Title IX Investigator

425.640.1814 or 425.563.3250 

Summaries of agreements

Classified CBA Summary of Agreement

Faculty CBA Summary of Agreement


Subject CBA Reference
Term Article XI: Conditions
Base compensation Article VIII: Salary Placement and Advancement
Appendix A: Salary
Overtime pay N/A Faculty CBA
7.6 Maximum Load
Compensatory time N/A Faculty CBA
Other compensation 2.5.6 Cancellation/Replacement Pay
7.4.7 Stipends
8.4 Promotional Advancements
Appendix A: Salary
Appendix C: Special Programs
Paid leave 6.21 Conditions for Paid Leave
Cash out 6.14.1 Attendance Incentive (Annual Sick Leave Buy Out)
6.14.2 Retirement Buy Out
Temporary layoff Article IV: Tenure and Reduction in Force
B.4.5.9 Implementation of Reduction in Force
D.4.5.9 Implementation of Reduction in Force
Health care Article VI: Employee Benefits
Bargaining units covered Article I: Federation Recognition and Rights
Supplemental agreements No current Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)
Provisions to allow reopening 11.8 Reopener
11.9 Duration
C.5 Reopener