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Edmonds CC Foundation hosts third annual Fanfare event to recognize significant contributors in the community


From left: Dick Van Hollebeke, Diana Clay, Andrew Smolen, Quentin Powers, and Carl Zapora
From left: Dick Van Hollebeke, Diana Clay, Andrew Smolen, Quentin Powers, and Carl Zapora

The Edmonds Community College Foundation hosted Fanfare — an annual event to celebrate achievements and distinctive contributions to the college on June 7 on campus.

“The college makes it a priority to recognize businesses, organizations, and alumni that contribute to and support our community,” said Dr. Jean Hernandez, Edmonds CC President.

The college’s highest awards — Mission, Vision, Distinguished Alumni, and Excellence in Education are presented each year to foundation donors, distinguished alumni, and college employees. A new award, the Outstanding Volunteer Award has been added in 2016.

The Mission Award — aimed at recognizing a business or organization dedicated to financial, volunteer, and other support of the college — was given to Vine Dahlen of Lynnwood, with particular acknowledgments for members Lisa McKeirnan and Becky Mackenstadt.

Comprehensive Wealth Management was honored with the Vision Award. Brian and Shilo Lockett were accepted the award. Comprehensive Wealth Management has been a strong supporter of the Edmonds CC as a sponsor and donor for more than 12 years with total support exceeding $145,000. They have also supported student success at Edmonds CC by participating in such programs such as Expanding Your Horizon, a program introduces middle school girls to the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM.

The Edmonds CC Foundation awarded two former Edmonds CC students as this year’s distinguished alumni.

Dr. Jean Hernandez (left) and Zsofia Pasztor (right)
Dr. Jean Hernandez (left) and Zsofia Pasztor (right)

Zsofia Pasztor, an Edmonds CC alumna and part-time faculty member of the Edmonds CC Horticulture department, has been crucial to the development and operation of the Campus Community Farm for the past six years.

“There is no one among alumni and part-time faculty members in the last decade that have been as instrumental in shaping the evolution and relevance of the Horticulture Department,” said Tim Hohn, Instructor and Chair of Edmonds CC’s Horticulture department. “The groundbreaking elements of the department’s first restoration horticulture and collaborative sustainable agriculture programs in the country are largely due to Zsofia’s consultation and guidance.”

Kris McDuffy, the new Edmonds School District superintendent, was named as the second distinguished alumna recipient. McDuffy has a strong, proven history of supporting education as a teacher and educational leader in Snohomish County.

Steve Hailey, Digital Forensics and Information Security instructor, was presented with the Excellence in Education Award — a prestigious recognition awarded annually by the college's Board of Trustees to an outstanding college employee.

Hailey is “an inspiring and extremely knowledgeable instructor, who demonstrates respect for and interest in his students. His wry sense of humor aids in the absorption of the highly technical and complex information he presents in his classes,” said one of his students.

In addition to his reputation as an outstanding instructor, Hailey is also founder and president of the Washington State High Technology Crime Investigation Association, was formerly vice president of the NIJ sponsored Digital Forensics Certification Board, has developed certification exams that are now industry standards, and speaks both nationally and locally at conferences dealing with digital forensics and information security. Hailey and his students were also instrumental in the data recovery work for the Oso survivors.

The college also recognized college employee Bonnie Lewman as this year’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award recipient and alumnus Andrew Smolen for receiving Edmonds CC Board of Trustees’ nomination for the Transforming Lives Award.

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