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Edmonds College returns to remote operations for winter quarter


Edmonds College has made the decision to remain in remote operations through March 18, the end of winter quarter. A few critical classes with hands-on components vital to learning may be held in person on campus.


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Classes moved online for the first week of winter quarter in an effort to help mitigate cases of COVID-19 due to post-holiday gatherings and travel.

Edmonds College continues to require students, faculty, and staff to submit confidential health reports when ill with COVID-19-like symptoms. Since the start of the quarter, January 3, EC Safety and Security has received 45 health reports all reporting symptoms of COVID-19. “This is an alarmingly high number for us”, said Dr. Amit Singh, president of Edmonds College. Singh adds, “Thankfully, because we have been remote, these illnesses, COVID-19 or seasonal colds and flu, didn’t have the means to spread across our campus.”

“My guiding principle has always been safety first for our students, faculty, and staff. Taking into account the number of health reports, the projections for rapid increases across the state and our desire to provide a stable learning environment for our students, I made the difficult decision to remain remote through the end of the quarter”, stated Singh.

Most non-teaching staff will be working remotely until February 14. Current studies indicate by this time the post-holiday COVID-19 peak will be in decline.

Singh adds, “I am very thankful to my leadership team, faculty, and staff union leadership, and faculty senate leadership for their input in this decision.”

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