PR Toolkit

Brand Guidelines: Identity

Primary Logo

Edmonds College’s primary logo is a horizontal combomark made up of a logomark,
“The Trident,” and a logotype. The logomark consists of welcoming arms, a strong foundation, and a sharp pinnacle to guide all students, faculty/employees, and community members to success. The slight cut-out on the right side of The Trident represents a shadow from the center pinnacle.

It consists of two-colors:
Pantone 3025 C and Pantone Cool Gray 11 C.

Elements of the combo mark

Secondary Logo

In certain situations, a vertical format may work better. To balance the logo, the logotype (Edmonds College) has been reduced to 60% its original size (in comparison to the primary, horizontal logo on the previous page). Please keep these proportions in mind when using this logo.

Secondary combo mark

Mission Logo

In circumstances where Edmonds College’s mission statement is paired with the primary or secondary logo, apply a 1pt stroke below the combomark and ensure the mission statement spans the entire width of the logo.

Mission Logo examples

Black and White

For usage on a dark background, convert the entire combomark to 100% white.

In situations where there is enough contrast between the background color and the logo,
feel free to use Triton Blue for The Trident and 100% white for the type.

College logos in black and white

Clear Space

The clear space requirement is designed to maintain the integrity of the logo. This ensures visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space of the Edmonds “E” should always be applied. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

clear space around the college logo

Incorrect Usage

Please don’t abuse, change, or manipulate our logo in any way. Each element and color has its own purpose and we strive to keep our brand solid and consistent. The following are examples of what NOT to do with the Edmonds College logo:

Incorrect usage change color

JUST SAY NO to changing the color of The Trident

Incorrect logo usage background color

JUST SAY NO to using 375C as a background color

Incorrect usage chage size

JUST SAY NO to moving The Trident above the logotype without using the correct proportion (reducing the type to 60% its original size)

Incorrect usage drop shadow

JUST SAY NO to adding drop shadows and reducing/increasing the size of The Trident


Our logo must always be legible, clear, and concise. In order to do this, we have specific minimum requirements for our logo via print and screen. As far as how big we can go...that all depends on how big we can think.


The minimum size for print is 1.8” wide and 2.5” wide. This ensures the best results in line weight and legibility in printed documents.

sizing the logo for print


The minimum size for screen is 190 and 280 pixels wide. This ensures the best results in line weight and legibility for the web.

sizing college logo for web