PR Toolkit

Brand Guidelines: Mascot

Primary Logo

The Triton Mascot features the mythological Greek sea god, Triton, in hues of blue. He resides inside a powerful shield and wears The Trident proudly on his crown. He is modern, bold, fierce, and looks his competitors in the eyes. The right side of his face is hit with light, while the left side is shadowed, giving him a 3-dimensional look.

It consists of one-color: Pantone 3025 C (+ tints of 3025C)

Primary Mascot

Secondary Logo

The horizontal version of the Triton Mascot may work better in certain situations (think horizontal wall art, on the web, or painted in the end zone). Feel free to use only the right or left side of Triton and his shield for an interesting crop.

Aternate mascot image


In order to preserve the shadows, convert the logo to grayscale.

Mascot in grayscale

Clear Space

The clear space requirement is designed to maintain the integrity of the logo. This ensures visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space of the Tritons “T” should always be applied. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

clear space around the mascot

Incorrect Usage

Please don’t abuse, change or manipulate our logo in any way. Each element and color has its own purpose and we strive to keep our brand solid and consistent. The following are examples of what NOT to do with Edmonds College mascot:

Incorrect usage do not remove triton from the shield

JUST SAY NO to removing Triton from his shield

Incorrect logo usage make triton 100% white

JUST SAY NO to making Triton’s face 100% White

Incorrect usage rotate on the side

JUST SAY NO to rotating Triton on his side or at other angles

Incorrect usage gray no strokes or embelishments

JUST SAY NO to adding strokes or embellishments


Our mascot logo must always be legible, clear and concise. In order to do this, we have specific minimum requirements for our logo via print and screen.


The minimum size for print is 2” to 3” wide. This ensures the best results in line weight and legibility in printed documents.

sizing mascot for print


The minimum size for screen is 190 to 280 pixels wide. This ensures the best results in line weight and legibility for the web.

sizing mascot for web