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Do you need help with graphic design, social media, updating the college website, interacting with the media, or other marketing activities? Do you want to stay up-to-date on college communications? Then this toolkit is for you. If you need help with your promotions, submit a request for services. The sooner you place your request, the more we can do. Six months out is ideal. Six weeks is very good. Two weeks is adequate. Less than two weeks — send it and we'll do what we can.

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Our nondiscrimination language is available in multiple languages at edmonds.edu/nondiscrimination.

The Triton Alert Emergency Notification System is used to notify campus and community members when there is a campus closure or emergency situation. 

Please refer all media inquiries to Karen Magarelli, director of marketing and public information at 425.640.1697 office, 425.697.0341 cell, or karen.magarelli@edmonds.edu.

Visual Media Services operates and maintains Comcast (South Snohomish County) Ch. 21/26 and Frontier Ch. 38, running 150 hours of programming and 18 hours of message board announcements per week. In addition, we offer online and on-demand programming through our Vimeo and YouTube Channels.

If you are interested in producing multimedia content for your program, event, or class, please contact us.