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Always review content carefully before you post. Only post content that is related to official college business and is consistent with the college’s mission and values. Remember: Posted content could be redistributed or shared online through other media and social media channels. If deleted or modified, older versions could, and quite possibly do, exist online.

Be respectful of others. Whether you are an administrator or a fan/follower, always treat others fairly and respectfully. Be sensitive to different perspectives and viewpoints and do not react in a defensive or hostile manner.

Be accurate, honest, and transparent. Make sure you are providing accurate information. Take the time to verify information before it’s posted. If you make an error or need to post a correction or retraction, do so publicly so that others are aware of it. Do not post anything that is dishonest, untrue, or misleading.

Be professional. As an employee, remember that you represent  EC. You are the public face of the college and should always consider the intended audience when posting or commenting. When posting on official EC social accounts, the audience does not often distinguish between an individual employee and the college. Proofread your content prior to posting and avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

Use of college marks, such as logos and graphics, must comply with the college’s branding guidelines. Questions regarding the use of college logos should be directed to MPI at

Negative comments can be challenging. If you are unsure about how to respond, please contact MPI at In some cases, you can resolve a problem with a careful response. There may be times when no response may be the most appropriate action. Often, friends or fans will counterbalance the negative feedback with their responses.

If you’d like to create a department or program social media account, you must submit an MPI service request. The MPI team will meet with you to discuss your goals and outcomes for the social media pages, best practices and tips, and provide steps on how to connect your social media account into our archival software platform.

Those managing or contributing to social media on campus for your department, program, or organization are invited to join EC’s campus social media group, #SocialTritons.

  • #SocialTritons are highly-motivated EC social media ambassadors who promote the college in a professional, polished, and inclusive way by aligning their accounts with the college’s branding guidelines and style.
  • The Marketing and Public Information team hosts quarterly meetings for new and returning ambassadors. If you’d like to join #SocialTritons, add your account to the social media directory, or submit suggestions, email

If a college department, organization, other entity, or activity creates or maintains a social media account, the responsible administrator of the account must make sure the social media account is monitored and updated on a consistent basis by the departments or programs that authorized the accounts. This allows for rapid response to any problems that may arise and ensures an engaging, interesting environment for visitors.

When participating in social media in a private capacity through personal accounts (not as a contributor to official college accounts), employees are strongly cautioned against identifying oneself as an EC employee or referring to college employment matters and business.

We advise employees to consider the impact that posts, words, and engagement have on an employee’s professional credibility and the college through affiliation. However, when an employee is identified as an EC employee or reference is made to a college employment matter, the employee should clarify that their post or statement is of a personal nature and does not necessarily represent the views of the college.

If employees are connected to one another on private social media accounts, it should be mutually understood that this agreement is outside of college business. However, it should be noted that in certain cases, this relationship may still require mandatory reporting for state ethical violations such as harm to self or others, or illegal activity.

PR Toolkit and Branding Guidelines

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Learn more about EC’s official social media accounts, terms of use, and general expectations of college employees when using social media:
EC Policy COM 2.0 Campus Communication and Procedure
COM 2.03pr Campus Communication: Social Media

We’re here to help. Reach out for help with setting up accounts, responding to questions or complaints, advice on how to handle a difficult situation, and more. Contact the director of marketing and public information at 425.640.1697 or