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Follow us here as we share the latest news and information about ctcLink. We will be ramping up with more posts as we get closer to Edmonds' Go Live launch of the system.

ctcLink CliffsNotes | volume 2 - issue 1


Whew, what a whirlwind! One year ago the Edmonds College campus was all hands on deck implementing the new ctcLink system. Today, here we are surviving & thriving! We're connecting, collaborating, and we've resurrected the newsletter for communicating!

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Countdown to GoLive!


Introducing, ctcLink Coffee Hour! Bring your burning ctcLink questions, ideas, or stories you want to share with the project team on Friday 11/6 from 9-10 a.m. for our first virtual coffee hour on Google Meet!

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Countdown to GoLive!


We're getting closer! Reach out to the project team if you need help getting over the first hurdle of registering for training. We're here to support and help you.

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Countdown to GoLive!


We are now only 18 weeks away. This is the first of regular emails to campus that will help you stay “in the know” week-by-week as the Go Live date gets closer.  You will see more information available on the website and through many other communication channels. There will also be opportunities to engage and learn as we continue on this journey together. 

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Spring SME Updates: We're still in this together!

May 29, 2020

SME Updates Slidedeck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 12

Things are changing daily, so please stay tuned! Check out the latest with the Deployment Group 3 (DG3) GoLive division, the adjustments being made to the BPFG schedule, and join us in a big fat kudos to all the SMEs who have helped out with homework and conversion validations!

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February SME Meeting: There is no DG4 without DG3

February 20, 2020

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 11

We're up and running in the Implementation Phase and there is so much to do! Looking for something to help fill your closure week hours with? Check out the Change of Pace article and get to know Dolly and Spitz as they help push (or pull) you across the finish line that is 2019! Happy Holidays everyone!

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December SME Meeting: My Llama Ate My Homework

December 18, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

November SME Meeting: Thanks for your commit-MINT! We're on a ROLO!

November 7, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

SBCTC DG4 Roadshow

Thank you to those who joined us in welcoming the SBCTC ctcLink team to Edmonds College on their roadtrip across the state to all the deployment group four colleges. Check out their presentation and the recording of the discussion below. 

Presentation Slides

September SME Meeting: 90 Day Look Ahead

September 18, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 10

Welcome to a new school year...and with it, a new phase of the ctcLink project!

That's right, the end of the ctcLink project Initiation phase is nearly here! It's time for Edmonds College Tritons to review the knowledge obtained in the past year and enter into the next phase - Implementation - with full awareness of what lies ahead. Enjoy a quick puzzle to test your knowledge, and mark your calendars to get engaged!

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ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 9

Thank you to all who joined the ctcLink Team & ODET in the courtyard earlier this month for scoops of ice cream and the latest scoop on ctcLink. The team was able to connect with a lot of new faces and spread the word about Edmonds College's job well done during the initiation phase this past year. Kudos to everyone! With the closing of the initiation phase brings the beginning of the implementation phase set to kick off on October 14th. Take a look at this month's newsletter to get a better understanding of all the activities we have scheduled ahead!

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August SME Meeting: Start time doesn't change!

August 14, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

July SME Meeting: Presenting to our Leaders

July 16, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 8

Happy summertime, Tritons! We hope this month's newsletter finds you well and provides you with some useful information. Be sure to check out the PeopleSpeak section and learn about one of the great features ctcLink will bring!

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June SME Meeting: Change by Another Name

June 19, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 7

Congratulations Tritons! Another school year in the books! While summer is a time for vacations and respite, the ctcLink team is ready to honor that and provide you with a great book suggestion and a look to our fearless pillar leads on how they unwind outside the project.

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ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 6

Just how big is this project and who is at the steering wheel for the Tritons? We'll answer one of those questions if you answer the other!

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April SME Meeting: Welcome New SMEs!

April 25, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 5

April showers - this edition of the ctcLink newsletter is showering the Edmonds Campus with exciting information about upcoming opportunities from SME Meetings to Building Community Day sessions focused on preparing for changes headed your way!

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ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 4

In this fourth edition of the Edmonds ctcLink newsletter you'll find a fun challenge to help make you a wee bit more knowledgeable about the coming software.  Find your lucky shamrock, Get ready... Get set... GO!

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March SME Meeting: Managing Change

March 19, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

February SME Meeting: Data Governance and Cleanup

February 21, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 3

Welcome to the third edition of the Edmonds College ctcLink newsletter! Please read on for updates and information about the project to stay engaged and informed

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January SME Meeting: Deployment Decisions

January 22, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 2

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2nd edition of the Edmonds College ctcLink newsletter! More great information about the project to keep all Tritons engaged.

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ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Edmonds College ctcLink newsletter! Each month you'll read some great articles about the project status, managing change, collaboration with Guided Pathways, and learn key terminology that will come with the update.

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December SME Meeting: Cheese or Cake?

December 5, 2018

SME Meeting Slide Deck

Initiation Phase Kickoff

November 7, 2018

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today in the TRC to kickoff Edmonds' entry into the Initiation Phase of ctcLink! More than 70 people stopped by to gain further understanding, mitigate their fears, and share their expectations.

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Planning for the Future

September 13, 2018

In 1980s, disco was hot, the Cold War was not, and video games became immensely popular. That same period, a state-of-the art higher education software now known as CEI Plus was revolutionizing the way WA state colleges managed their student services, instruction, financial and human resources activities.

Today, you can still find disco music and video games, but the mainframe-based CEI Plus will become a thing of the past with the transition to the latest version of cloud-based enterprise resource planning software from Oracle PeopleSoft.

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Presentation to Dr. Singh

August 7, 2018

A presentation prepared by the Director of Organizational Change and Project Management, Ligia Cicos and Executive Director of Information Technology and eLearning, Eva Smith presented to our new President, Dr. Singh.

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