ctcLink Project

project PHASES: Initiation

Done and done!

The Project Team at Edmonds kicked-off the ctcLink Initiation phase in November 2018. The phase completed with a gathering of Deployment Group 4 colleges (DG4) for a peer review in July of 2019. In this peer review, the five college PMs evaluated each other on their status at that point. Edmonds College passed with flying colors receiving top marks from all our fellow colleges.

How does this impact me?

Initiation phase is primarily data cleansing. Did you know that there are 79 different ways to format a date? A data steward team is being created to assist the Project Team update the data to a standard format and they will also help carry out the wishes of the Data Governance Team to KEEP the data clean going forward with new entries.

Current Process

Some of the work that is required during the initiation phase was already completed by the Edmonds Campus. For more than a year, the Edmonds College ctcLink team visited departments across the campus to document current business processes in preparation for the implementation.

The maps are posted on the Edmonds College Current Process Map Site and are organized by the three ctcLink pillars: Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management, and Finance. Use the Navigation bar at the top of the page to find your department under each pillar.

Thank you to those who were involved with documenting and validating the Legacy processes. This work is appreciated and an important part to moving forward with our transition!