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IT Strategic Goals

Support Implementation of the eLearning Strategic Plan

eLearning at Edmonds College enhances educational opportunities and access to courses, resources, activities, and services to enable student success through technology, consistent with the mission of Edmonds College.

Promote a User Friendly College

The goal of a "User Friendly College" is to facilitate communication, innovation and learning by empowering employees and students with technologies that help them to achieve their goals. It supports student and employee success by making information and services easily accessible for all.

Assure a Robust Technology Infrastructure

A robust technology infrastructure is secure and adequate to support the college's mission, operations and goals. Our goals for 2014-2015 are to improve the current capacity of our network and data storage systems and create a master plan for the future, to meet growing demand for technology enabled teaching and learning as well as improved administrative processes. This also includes proposing an appropriate funding model and process for ongoing technology replacement.

Maintain a Skilled IT Staff

The IT departments' staff and management are appropriately trained, compensated, and effectively organized to support all aspects of the college's dynamically changing technology needs.

Prepare for ctcLink

ctcLink will replace the college's Administrative systems with an ERP solution that addresses Financial, HR and Student Services functions of the college.  In 2014-15, we need to begin raising awareness and do a readiness assessment for ctcLink implementation at our college.  This is scheduled to begin April 2015 with roll-out in May 2016.

Facilitate Disaster Recovery and Emergency Preparedness Planning

The college will have a comprehensive plan for resuming operations and recovering services in case of emergency or disaster.