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Academic Network Account

An academic network account gives you login credentials to computer labs, campus wireless, Canvas, and other resources. 


  • Access technology resources to enhance your classroom activities and learning
  • Keep your identity and personal information secure
  • Use a common login for multiple apps



Accounts for faculty or staff members

Academic network accounts are available to Edmonds College faculty and staff on request.   

Accounts for guests or community members

Academic network accounts are available for individuals who are not students or employees but have opted to pay the computer lab use voucher (CLUV) in order to use campus computer labs during the quarter.

Getting Started

Your academic network account gets created approximately 1 business day after you become eligible. See requirements for more information.

How your user name and password is assigned


Visit us on the first floor of Alderwood Hall or the third floor of Lynnwood Hall during current hours for student walk-in support.

Online or phone
Phone: 425.640.1101


What to expect

  • Academic network accounts are created during regular business hours, usually within 1 business day after a student registers for their course.
  • Academic network accounts for CWU students are created during regular business hours and usually coincide with the first day of the quarter their course begins.

Creation of the academic account does not always guarantee access to every service. Some services have specific service availability times such as Canvasstudent wireless, and computer labs. Please verify availability for each of these services separately. 


You must be registered for an Edmonds College course, or you must be an actively employed faculty or staff member, or have paid the computer lab use voucher to be eligible for an academic account.