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HP Access via CEI Plus

The college utilizes a statewide shared system for managing financial, personnel, payroll, and student processes and functions. This system is hosted off-campus by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and can be accessed by employees through a service known as CEI Plus (pronounced CEE-EE-eye-plus).  We offer technical and administrative support relating to accessing and configuring CEI Plus.


  • Secure access to sensitive college data is enforced and centrally managed


Support is available for:

  • Personnel and Payroll System (PPMS) – Manages human resources and payroll processing functions.
  • Financial Management System (FMS) – Administers and manages financial and accounting functions including accounts payable, budget management, cashiering, general ledger and third party software
  • Student Management System (SMS) - Administers and manages majority of student-related business functions including admissions, records, registration, course management, grades and state reporting

What we support:

  • Account creation and removal
  • Account permission changes
  • User name changes
  • Configuration of system access for approved users
  • System access requests
  • Management of college parameter table


Other inquiries or assistance requests are supported directly by SBCTC IT staff. We can assist you with initial problem diagnosis and escalation to the CEI Plus support team.

Getting Started

Contact the help desk to initiate a request for any of the services listed on this page.


Help Desk
Phone: 425.640.1234


What to expect

  • Estimated time for processing requests for new accounts or for making changes to existing accounts: up to 7 business days.


Requests for new user access to any SBCTC system must be approved by the business department before the IT department can fulfill the request. Users of this system also agree to conform to established college data handling policies and practices.