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Computer Maintenance

Over time, your computer may begin performing slower or you may experience pop ups or issues that require some technical expertise to resolve.  We offer computer maintenance and repair service to ensure college-owned equipment runs optimally.

Note: if you're experiencing problems with your computer which prevents you from doing your work, please report the issue immediately.


  • Resolve non-urgent computer technical problems with help from a technical expert


We offer:

  • Computer diagnostics and repair
  • Performance tuning
  • Local computer malware scans
  • Virus removal
  • Support for desktops and laptops
  • Support for Chrome OS, iOs and Windows operating systems
  • Cable and peripheral replacements


We may be able to assist with other types of maintenance that are not listed. Contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you or provide guidance on your best options.

Getting Started

Submit a ticket or contact the Help Desk and request to schedule computer maintenance.  


Help Desk
Phone: 425.640.1234


What to expect

Estimated time for scheduling non-urgent maintenance on computers: 1-2 business days. If the issue requires additional time, we’ll provide an estimate within 1-2 days on when we can complete the work for you.


We only provide maintenance or repairs on college owned equipment. If you’ve purchased equipment outside of our computer purchasing service, written documentation showing the equipment was purchased with college funds must be presented.