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Data Backup and Recovery

We offer services to recover critical systems and data in the event of file loss, corruption, server failure, or an unforeseen event like fire or natural disasters.  Some services we offer like Google Apps and Citrix have built-in data backup capabilities. We supplement these with a network-based backup procedure to ensure all of the college’s critical administrative systems and data are protected.


  • Built-in backup tools give you quick self-service options to restore your data or files without additional help
  • Backup services are designed for little or no downtimes or service impacts
  • Continual improvements of this process keep the college’s systems running smoothly, even in the case of unplanned event


Built-in data backup and recovery is featured in many of our apps and tools. These include:

  • Google Apps – Any app you use within the Google app suite is backed-up automatically
  • Citrix – If you use Citrix to access your desktop remotely, your My Documents folder becomes synched within our network and will receive backups
  • U & R network file shares – Files you store on U and R drives are backup up nightly
  • Canvas sites – All information you post in your Canvas site is on a server hosted outside of the college network and there are many levels of backups available to restore data you may accidentally delete or lose.


  • Protection of data on your local drives
  • Our backup services do not include backup of your local drive, however we can assist you in setting up a method for local file backup.

Getting Started

Submit a ticket to initiate a request for this service.


Help Desk
Phone: 425.640.1234


What to expect

Estimated time for requests for data recovery: 1-2 business days, depending on the urgency level of the issue.