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Managed Desktop for Labs

Computers, software and operating systems in campus labs are centrally managed by the IT department to ensure software is standardized, secure and kept up to date with the latest versions.  


  • Provides Edmonds College students and faculty with a common set of software versions and browsers
  • Keeps lab computers up to date with the latest versions of software available
  • Offers you quicker response on fixing software or operating systems


Our service includes:

  • Testing new versions of software before release
  • Scheduling upgrades for least amount of impact to faculty and students
  • Updating network system tools for enforcing security standards
  • Software licensing management
  • Inventory management of hardware
  • Installing security patches and upgrades
  • Upgrading software to new versions
  • Communication about quarterly upgrades and schedule

See our list of supported software for labs [PDF] which includes a breakdown by location.


If you need special software or hardware installed in a lab to support your Edmonds College program curriculum, we’ll work with you get this installed.   

Getting Started

If you're teaching in a lab and require software we're not currently supporting, submit a ticket to the help desk and someone will follow up to consult with you on your needs.   


Academic Computing Services
Phone: 425.640.1702
Walk-in: Alderwood Hall first floor


What to expect

  • Lab computers are upgraded during quarter breaks with the exception of when there may be critical security patches that we deem important to update quickly. If mid-quarter upgrades are implemented, we will communicate at least 24 hours in advance of any service interruptions.
  • Requests for additional software installation can be submitted anytime during regular business hours. Actual installation will not occur until the quarter break. If the installation request is received late or installation must occur sooner than the quarter break, the request must first be approved by the IT Director and Instructional Leadership.


  • Proof and documentation of software licensing [PDF] is required for us to install software in labs. Software must also meet our minimum hardware requirements and pass testing.  We also require at least one quarter advance notice of any new software that needs to be installed.