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Emergency Alert System

Triton Alert is the college’s emergency alert system designed to ensure rapid and reliable mass communications may be broadcast to members of our college community during an unplanned campus closure or event that poses safety risks. The IT&e department provides operational system support for two of the applications used to maintain this system, Rave Alert, InformaCast and Cisco Emergency Responder.


  • Triton Alert provides you with timely information during campus emergencies to keep you informed and safe
  • In-house IT support provides assurance that the systems are accessible and highly available to the business offices who administers alerts


The emergency system provides:

  • Email and text message alert management
  • Notification and announcement  of emergency information across campus in halls, offices, walkways, classrooms, and evacuation areas

IT provides:

  • Management and monitoring of user login access to RaveAlert.  We run daily jobs to import and maintain eligible users to the system and monitor user authentication services
  • Ongoing maintenance of assets used to deliver the system
  • Management of InformaCast software such as physical connectivity for IP devices and analog systems


On request, we provide advice or consulting on improving other aspects of RaveAlert or InformaCast.

Getting Started

Campus Staff can contact the help desk to initiate changes or enhancements to the Emergency Alert Systems


Help Desk
Phone: 425.640.1234


What to expect

  • Estimated time for processing requests for system changes: 2-3 business days


  • Changes must be approved by the Director of Campus Security