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Employee Network Account

An employee network account gives you login credentials to access your office computer, campus wireless, and many other network resources. 


  • Access college technology resources to enhance your productivity
  • Keep your identify and personal information secure
  • Use a common login for multiple apps


  • Automatic creation of your account
  • Login credentials (user name and password) to:


Temporary guest account

If you're a volunteer, vendor or individual conducting business with a college group, you may receive an employee network account on request.

Getting Started

For new employees

Supervisors may submit a ticket to the help desk to request a network account for a new employee.

For temporary accounts

Employees working with a guest or vendor may submit a ticket to the help desk to request a temporary employee network account. This request must be submitted on behalf of the individual by a college employee.

Employees working with a volunteer need to contact Human Resources for official approval. Once the approval is granted from Human Resources, the Help Desk will create the temporary account


Help Desk
Phone: 425.640.1234


What to Expect

We respond to and fulfill requests for new accounts within 1 business day. Some requests may take longer depending on where the employee is in the hiring process.


Individuals must possess a system ID (SID) in the personnel system or be working with an Edmonds College employee who will sponsor the individual for a temporary guest account.