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Product Evaluation

We offer college departments technical expertise to ensure products or systems being considering for purchase will integrate with existing college systems and are in compliance with college and state IT security standards.


  • Evaluate products against college and state standards
  • Reduce your overall costs in implementation with
  • Get guided assistance from staff with technical expertise of the technology you're evaluating


This service includes

  • Validating problem/needs
  • Identifying technical and business requirements
  • Representing your interests with vendors, facilitating technical conversations
  • Advice on viable alternatives already in place
  • Discussion around system support needs from IT post-implementation
  • Evaluating IT security and Section 508 accessibility compliance
  • Analyzing costs beyond the price tag. For example, hardware purchases, support tasks for IT or your staff.

Getting Started

If you'd like IT to assist with product evaluation, submit a ticket to the help desk and attach a completed project request form. Someone from IT will follow up with you and discuss our project and outline the next steps.  


Help Desk
Phone: 425.640.1234


What to expect

  • We respond to requests for consultation services within 1-2 business days. Completion of consulting work varies greatly depending on the nature and scale of the request.  


  • Product evaluation or consulting services should be requested prior to entering a contract or making a commitment with a vendor.