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STUDENT Printing

Printing in labs is managed with a networked pay-for-print station system. We support equipment and hardware and can assist you with use of the system.  Printing is centrally managed in order to provide students with a quarterly allocation of free printing each quarter, and enable students to pay for extra printing if they wish.

Our printing services and management approach supports the college’s sustainability initiative by reducing paper use campus-wide.


  • Quarterly caps on student/lab printing help reduce waste and campus printing
  • Equipment and technical expertise is widely available in most student computer labs


  • Pay-for-print stations in most labs
  • Technician assistance when you need it
  • Printer and hardware maintenance
  • $1.25 in free printing (equivalent to 25 free black and white pages) quarterly with your EdPass ID Card.  
  • Management of quarterly printing policies for students


  • We also support labs that elect to pay for their own printing by handling fund transfers (i.e. chargebacks)
  • A few highly-specialized, departmental labs may elect to forgo a charge for printing.
  • If you do not have an EdPass you may use a Community Card to pay for printing.
  • Instructors with large volume print projects may use services provided by the Print and Mail Center.

Getting Started

  • Pick up your EdPass first. It’s required to use the pay-for-print stations.
  • From any lab computer, print your material using the software print feature. Your print job will automatically be sent to the nearest print station.  
  • Go to the printing station and swipe your EdPass or Community Card. Your print select and release your print job(s). If you have free pages available on your EdPass the system will automatically use the free prints before charging against funds on your EdPass.
  • Get some helpful tips on printing less and troubleshooting


Visit us on the first floor of Alderwood Hall or the third floor of Lynnwood Hall during current hours for student walk-in support.

Online or phone
Phone: 425.640.1101


What to Expect

  • If you do not use all of your 25 free prints by the end of the quarter, they will not roll over.
  • Important: Community cards expire after 24 months of non-use and funds you’ve loaded on these cards are not refundable. Excess amounts on community cards are automatically donated to the Edmonds College Foundation.


Use of pay-for-print stations requires an EdPass or an Edmonds College community card.