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IT Strategic Planning

As a member of the Edmonds College community, you expect uninterrupted, easy-to-use and seamless access to technology applications, services, and support to get your work done. We provide tactical and strategic planning, and thought leadership to make sure that the college’s technologies meet your needs and support Edmonds College’s mission and vision, now and into the future.


  • Increases the value of technology investments when they can be leveraged for multiple use
  • Saves the college time and money by choosing technologies that can be leveraged for strategic value, multi-use, and long-term sustainability
  • Increases usability and innovation with tools when planning is thoughtful and systems can be integrated
  • Keeps the college in compliance with state and federal guidelines in IT security, access and data management.


Planning includes:

  • Developing an IT strategic plan that directly supports the college’s strategic plan
  • Understanding the principle functions of Edmonds College’s business and user needs right now and at least 5 years into the future Understanding technological advancements available in the near future and making decisions now to be ready for them
  • Staying abreast of instructional needs and understanding the evolving use and role of technology in higher education
  • Representing the college’s interests and point of view in collaborative work with other colleges and the Washington’s State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).