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The information on this page is updated each quarter and will provide details that will help support your activities within Canvas. 

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Learning Tools and Apps

The following are integrated tools within Canvas and are available for use with any course. No action required:

Ally, by Blackboard - Accessibility tool for faculty.
VeriCite - Plagiarism tool

The following are learning tools available in your Canvas course. You need to enable them first in your Course Navigation Menu.

ALEKS HE Chemistry

Purchase Course Materials by Barnes and Noble- Student direct link to purchase online textbooks

Course Materials by Barnes and Noble - Student access to First Day Access Inclusive ebooks and materials.

Research and Adopt Course Materials by Barnes and Noble - Faculty search for text books

Caption Hub

Capti Voice - Literacy and Learning

MindLinks by Cengage Learning. Online publisher

WebAssign by Cengage. Online publisher

Instructor and Student Course Evaluations by Evaluation Kit. Deployment and tracking for scheduled course evaluations.

Flat World Knowledge

Flat World Homework - Online publisher

Google Apps LTI

Google Drive LTI

Google Assignments

Honor Lock - online 'pop-in' Proctoring

Library -Directs students to the Edmonds College Library webpage

Student Resources - Directs student to the Edmonds College Know Your Resources webpage

Macmillan Higher Education -Launch Pad

McGraw Hill Connect

Open Attribution Builder - Allows faculty to cite pages and assignmen information.

Panopto Recordings - Create and upload video recordings.

MyLab and Mastering by Pearson - Online Publisher

"Pearson" Revel by Pearson


Triton Connect - Early alert with flag and kudos

WileyPLUS eTextbook/WileyPLUS Support - Online Publisher

W.W. Norton


These learning tools have been previously researched but the decision has been to not integrate them into Canvas.



Cidi Labs

Canvas Releases

Canvas continually updates their software including fixing bugs, providing enhancements and/or adding new features. Find latest and greatest features in Canvas.

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